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  • How does your bicycle delivery work?
    We try to run our business as environmentally friendly as possible, so where possible we will personally deliver by bicycle. We’ll send you a message once your parcel is in your mailbox, or we can knock the door or ring the doorbell. Just let us know what you prefer!
  • How does pick-up work?
    If you live close to Castlemaine, Victoria, you can pick up your order instead of getting it shipped. Choose 'Store Pickup' at check-out and we'll let you know when your order is ready for pick-up. Store pickup is free of charge.
  • Where are your products shipped from?
    Most items get shipped from Castlemaine (VIC), Australia, where Inèz is based. When a product isn't in stock, we may ask the brand to send your products directly to you. All brands are Australian, so your order will always be sent from Australia. Our current brands are based in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We don’t offer this as a standard option at the checkout at this stage. However, if you're from overseas, please keep on reading! We’re trying to keep a low footprint by focusing on Australian-made products, using recycled packaging and delivering by bicycle where possible. Our focus is very much on selling our products locally, ideally in and around Castlemaine, Melbourne, Victoria, or Australia. If you’re outside Australia and you’d like to make an order, please get in touch and I’m sure we can sort something out!
  • Do I have to pay shipping if you deliver by bicycle?
    Unfortunately, yes. We decide on a case-by-case basis if we can do a bicycle delivery for an order, or if we need to ship the order by post. Bicycle deliveries although sustainable, are time-consuming and so we think it's fair that our customers pay a fee for shipping and we get to take the freedom to decide which means of getting your order to you is most suitable.
  • Do you offer free shipping?
    Unfortunately not at this stage. We're a small business and our margins aren't high enough to offer free shipping, although we would love to. Hopefully the bigger our shop grows, we are able to give our customer's the free shipping they deserve :) Watch out for special actions though, as sometimes we may do a special deal in which you can temporarily get access to free shipping! Follow us on social media to be the first one to find out of any discounts.
  • How are your order packaged?
    We take great care in being as sustainable as possible. We re-use packaging and so every parcel will be packaged differently. We do use plastic sometimes, such as bubble wrap, but only if it's re-used, we never buy bubble wrap new! We would like to encourage you to keep packaging and re-use it on your end as well. The cello tape we use is landfill-biodegradable! If you have specific wishes, e.g. plastic-free packaging, please be sure to let us know.
  • How much is postage?
    Postage is charged at $8 flat fee for anywhere in Australia. We keep the freedom to decide how your parcel is sent and are trying to charge a reasonable fee. The actual cost for postage may be sometimes less and sometimes more. If you'd like to avoid paying for postage, you can opt for 'Store pickup' at check-out.
  • Do you offer express shipping?
    We don't have express shipping as a standard option but please get in touch if you're in a rush to get your products and we'll sort something out.
  • Where are the products made?
    All our brands are proudly Australian-owned and -made. Ingredients may be sourced overseas, as not all ingredients would be available in Australia. All of these brands take great care into selecting the best and most ethical ingredients for their products. If you have any specific questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • What ingredients are used?
    The ingredients are different for all brands/products, however, you can be sure that they are all safe, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. We're currenlty in the process of listing all the ingredients in the individual product listings, so please bare with us. If you have any specific questions on a product, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Are all the products cruelty-free?
    Yes! They are and they always will be. Inèz is a cruelty-free hair & makeup artist and she will never use products in her kit that are tested on animals, nor will she sell them in the shop.
  • Are the products organic?
    Not all the products are organic, lots of them contain organic ingredients though. Have a look through their ingredient on the product listings to find out more about the exact ingredients. Good to note is that pure mineral makeup cannot be organic, as only things grown by humans can be organic and minerals are grown by the earth.
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